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There is a reason Demŭn Studios is Phoenix, Arizona’s preferred recording studio. We have top-of-the-line studio equipment and a professional atmosphere that will boost your recordings to the next level!

Audio Recording

We offer high-end audio recording packages at affordable prices for the consumer. Call our studio today for more information.

Audio Mastering

Mastering audio is the most important step in the recording and mixing process. Take your music to the next level. Call today!

Audio Mixing

Have your audio already recorded? No problem! We love mixing projects. Call our studio today for more details on our mixing services.

Podcast Recording

We offer Arizona's premier podcasting facility. We record podcasts for low rates! Start a podcast today!


We offer affordable recording & mixing prices that can fit into any musicians budget!


Recording Studio in Phoenix, Arizona

Demŭn Studios, a recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona was created with the belief that professional high-quality sounding music can be achieved for affordable prices. In today’s digital world, there are so many great digital recording options that often outperform many archaic analog recording techniques. Our equipment is continually updated to provide the Phoenix area with the latest and greatest in recording studio equipment. We combine our digital studio options with high-quality outboard gear that add warmth to the sound before entering our Digital Audio Workstations. We also have the best A/D or Analog to Digital converters on the market with our Pro Tools HDX and Avid 16×16 I/O. For more information on our recording studio techniques, you can stop by our building in Phoenix anytime or give us a call at 602.497.2800!

Why Choose Demŭn Recording Studio?

At Demŭn Studios we have a professional and fun recording environment and a team of great engineers and interns! We go the extra mile for our clients and believe in your music, art, and passion for your craft. We want to help you grow as an artist and musician. We are much more than your typical recording studio in Phoenix! We are your partner in the music industry for all your audio needs. Let’s work together and help grow the Phoenix music scene!


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