Recording Studio in Phoenix, AZ

Affordable Recording Studio in Phoenix, Arizona

Demŭn Studios is Phoenix, Arizona’s premier recording studio. We specialize in recording artists and providing audio for commercials and voice-overs for businesses in the Phoenix metro area. Our top-of-the-line microphones, which include the legendary Neumann U87, ensure that your audio recording will be crisp, clear and industry standardized. We use legendary outboard gear such as the SSL 9000 channel strip to keep the audio warm and full before importing it into our digital audio workstation.

Our recording studio uses Pro Tools HDX the most powerful Avid Pro Tools available. Our engineers are trained professionals from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. If you are looking to take your music to the next level, contact Demŭn Studios for a free recording studio quote today!

Studio A

Studio A is our largest studio suited for larger groups of people that enjoy space while they record. Studio A features a Neumann u87, an Avalon Preamp, a Raven MTX, and much more!


Studio B

Studio B is an intimate working space suited for any artist to work closely with their engineer. Studio B features a brand new Dual Screen Raven MTI2, Mac Pro fully loaded with all of the latest software, along with the slate audio microphone, and much more!


Studio C

Studio C is a private studio suited for artists’ that like to work in a quiet interruption-free environment. This studio features all brand new equipment including an iMac pro, fully loaded with all the newest software, a soundproof mic room, and much more!


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